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VellakkatewithStudentsProsecutors, investigators, field deputies, paralegals, hearing officers and law clerks from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office volunteer to spend one hour a week in fifth-grade classrooms.

Facilitators teach students about the criminal justice system and the importance of decision-making using detailed lesson plans that guide them through the easy-to-use curriculum. Lessons incorporate active learning strategies such as role-play scenarios, optional field trips and a mock trial.

Facilitators generally are assigned to schools near their workplaces. In some cases, they volunteer in schools near their homes.

faciliators photo2Some classes are taught by individual facilitators; others are taught by a team of facilitators. The team approach offers facilitators assistance in the classroom. When one team member is unavailable, another may step up and lead the class.

For many students, facilitators are the only prosecutors, law enforcement officers or criminal justice professionals they have ever met. Through Project LEAD, students are introduced not only to the individual teaching their class but also learn about their educational and professional backgrounds.

For most facilitators, their experience with Project LEAD is as rewarding for them as it is beneficial for the student in their classes.

To bring Project LEAD into your community, please contact the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Public Affairs Division at 213-257-2960 or LEAD@da.lacounty.gov.